Who qualifies for an eye test?

You qualify for an NHS eye examination at home if…

  • You are unable to go into the community unaccompanied due to illness or disability
Who qualifies for an NHS optical voucher?

You are entitled to an NHS optical / spectacles voucher if…

  • You receive Income Support
  • You receive Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • You receive income-based Employment and Support Allowance
  • You receive Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • You are entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate
  • You and/or your partner has a valid HC2 or HC3 (certification number and expiry date required)

This is subject to NHS benefit review changes.

If you do not fulfil the above criteria, you may be seen privately (charges may apply). Contact us for more information on 0800 292 2588.


Choosing a frame​

Choosing a set of spectacles is an important decision. Our staff are here to help you select a pair that work best for you, by selecting the right frames that best suit you and your optical needs. We want to make sure that your spectacles not only enhance your vision, but are both comfortable and stylish.

We have a wide selection of frames to choose from – different shapes, colours and material. During an optical visit, you’re welcome to try on different frames to find out which style works for you. You can choose from our bronze, silver and gold tier range of spectacles. The key to choosing a set of frames that suits your personal style is choosing a set that suits your face shape. Talk to one of our dispensing opticians for more information.

Types of Frame

There are 4 main types of frames – we offer these in various colours and finishing details. The frame you choose is entirely up to you – talk to one of our dispensing opticians for more information.


There are a variety of prescription lenses to ensure that your spectacles offer the best solution to your optical needs. During an eye examination, our dispensing opticians will discuss the lens options with you and advise you on which best suit your requirements and prescription.

There are a variety of lenses available:

  • Single vision

  • Bifocal

  • Varifocal

  • Specialist lens

There are also a variety of lens tints and coatings available:

  • Different colours and tints

  • Photochromatic (Transition Lenses)

  • Polarised (Anti-glare)

  • High index (Thinner Lenses)

  • Aspheric lenses